Opening Reception


Gallery Hours

No Public hours for this program. Please join us for public reception on September 17th.

Exhibition Runs

May 1 - Sep 30

Three galleries Five months

Three by Five is a new opportunity consisting of five one month-long residencies that take place from May until September this year. Each month, three different Artist Coordinators, selected from Soap Factory alumni or other highly-regarded artist leads, host one or more emerging artists of their own choosing in one of our first floor galleries. These emerging artists will be allowed to make new work directly in the space, responding to the gallery environment and to one another. Towards the end of their residency, they will be presenting their work to the public with an open house event.

This program is happening at an exciting time at The Soap Factory, and we are honored to make new relationships and re-engage with a large group of emerging artists and audiences. Our goal is to give artists-in-residence support in the areas they need most support in; space to create, freedom to experiment, networking opportunities, exposure for and critical reviews of their work. This is a great opportunity for audiences to view new work by some of the Twin Cities’ most innovative, up and coming artists.

To respect the artists’ time during the residency there will be no regular gallery hours, please join us during the public openings to view the work. You can stay up to date on their progress by following the artists on our 3×5 blog.

Public Openings:  

First Month Residency: Saturday, May 21, 6-10pm

Second Month Residency: Saturday, June 18th, 6-10pm

Third Month Residency: Saturday, July 23rd, 6-10pm

Fourth Month Residency: Saturday, August 20th, 6-10pm

Fifth Month Residency: Saturday, September 17th, 6-10pm

Three by Five participating artists and their coordinators:


Andrea Carlson (artist coordinator) – Aza Erdrich

Rosemary Williams (artist coordinator) – Brittany Omann, Maria Thompson, Natalie Stoppel, Tiffany Mueller, Essma Imady, Stephanie Gustafson

Emily Gastineau (artist coordinator) – Eric Larson, Magnolia Yang Sao Yia, Lazer Goese, Leila Awadallah


Roderic Southall (artist coordinator) – Luke Koski, Namir Fearce, Scott A. Holler, Albert N. BJerke, Leo Bovey, Denetrick Powers, Aqeel El-Amin, Ethan Arnold, Theoneste Munyemana, Hawona Sullivan Janzen

Alexa Horochowksi (artist coordinator) – Tom Wixo, Heather Sissala, Gudrun Lock, Lizzi Feldhege, Matthew Yaeger

Chris Larson (artist coordinator) – Yousif Del Valle, Jordan Rosenow, Forest Lewis


Piotr Szyhalski, Labor Camp (artist Coordinator) – The People’s Library; Clair King, Leonel Reyes, Sterling Edwards, Christopher Schuldt, Kestrel Hendrickson, Sarah Bell, Candice Davis, Zoja Chmielarczyk, Nancy Hicks, Jonathan Herrera

Jehra Patrick (artist coordinator) – Garrett Perry, Leslie Barlow, Kim Benson, Jonathan DeDecker, Clea Felien, David Bartley, Syed Hosain, Liza Dorsey, Oakley Tapola, Jesse Dale Peterson, and Bianca Pettis

Pramila Vasudevan (artist coordinator) – Chamindika Wanduragala and Lela Pierce


Mike Hoyt (artist coordinator) – Kelly Brazil

April Sellers (artist coordinator) – Blake Nellis, Jennifer Glaws, Halie Bahr, and Anat Shinar

TSF’s Kate Arford (artist coordinator) – Alison Hiltner


Andy DuCett (artist coordinator) – Preston Drum

Jovan Speller (artist coordinator) – José Dominguez and Kawika Asuncion

Tetsuya Yamada (artist coordinator) – Nick Wells, Dawn Schot Klotzbach, Schuyler Joseph Sellars, and Mara Duvra

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