Healing Craft Night @ The Soap Factory

Opening Reception

Tuesday, February 7th, 5:30 - 8pm

Gallery Hours


Exhibition Runs

Feb 7 - Feb 7


Healing Craft Night

No matter your cultural background, religion, political viewpoint, age, race, gender, class, or size, you are human first. And while the preceding categories may separate us, craft is an act that unites us. People across the spectrum make work by hand.

Craft not only unites us, it heals us, too – a therapeutic act that calms and restores us by bringing focus to the act at hand. No matter your identity, each of us could benefit from a little de-stressing.

Come replenish your creative spirit and celebrate what we have in common at the Healing Craft Night, a monthly gathering where we gather to work with our hands. Sew, carve, knit, or even draw or collage – whatever activity you love and can carry with you.

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