Here Comes Jesus: A Video Series by Joshua McGarvey

Opening Reception

April 15th at 7:30 PM

Gallery Hours


Exhibition Runs

Apr 15 - Apr 15

The Soap Factory Presents: Here Comes Jesus: A Video Series by Joshua McGarvey. The artist will be releasing the video series overtime on the Soap Factory’s blog leading up to a final video to be screened in the Soap Factory’s lower level on April 15th.

Jesus is a crinkled mirror. Jesus is Play-Doh. Jesus invented a table. Stemming from one scene in Mel Gibson’s film about the crucifixion of Jesus in which the Christian messiah is shown building a table for chairs, the series embraces the ambiguous identity of god’s only son. Here Comes Jesus probes the westernization of the religious figure Jesus. Absurdity ensues as narrative and metaphor are conformed to relate to the artist’s own experience.

Here Comes Jesus is directly inspired by the fact that Jesus didn’t leave home until he was 30. As stated in Jesus Christ: Insight, Volume 2, “His childhood and the growing-up process, like his birth, were necessary, though incidental, means to an end.” Between the ages of twelve and thirty, we don’t know what Jesus was doing, and no one seems to care. Joshua McGarvey’s video series offers a thoughtful rendering of Jesus’ developmental years.

Release dates of videos:

March 8 : Part 01 & 02

March 15 : Part 03

March 22 : Part 04

March 29 : Part 05 & 06

April 5  : Part 07, 08, 09

April 12 : Part 10

April 14 : Part 11

April 15, Screening at the Soap Factory: Part 12

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