The Soap Factory and Works Progress Present: Hand-in-Glove III

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Sep 17 - Sep 20

Hand-in-Glove III

A national conference of alternative spaces and places. Supported by Common Field, curated and organized by Works Progress and The Soap Factory

Hand-in-Glove is a national convergence for those engaged in the imaginative possibilities and pragmatic realities of artist organzing, including independent artist-led exhibitions, re-granting initiatives, publications, residencies, public programs, pedagogical experiments, community enagement platforms, and a variety of other projects that develop and advance grassroots production and reception models for art and culture.

The first Hand-in-Glove was a four day conference hosted by Threewalls in Chicago in October 2011. Hand-in-Glove continues as an itinerant convergence, now affililated with Common Field (, organized by Press Street in New Orleans in October 2013 and continuing in Minneapolis in September 2015.

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